Friday, August 13, 2010

Queen of Cakes MN

It was great to have an opportunity to work with Terri Leckas, owner and cake designer at Queen of Cakes. It was like coming to a home, sitting down with Terri, listening to her story and how she treats her clients. Everything to me is a treat! The enviornment is comfortable, and inviting. You will feel so relaxed and welcomed when you walk into the store. There are so many tasty samples. They will love to offer for you to try.
Terri gave me a chance to design their demo cakes with flowers. Hopefully you will enjoy them while you are trying out their wonderful cakes!

AIFD 2010 Symposium

It was great to attend the AIFD 2010 Symposium in Boston. So many amazing designs. My favorite was Gregor Lesch, the amazing German designer, talking about design contrast. It helped me bring my thoughts & spirit for designs to a different level, also gave me a vision to create, an extra room to explore. I loved it!

There are a lot of other amazing designers. I am in awe with their creativities & dignity. Some day... some day, I wish I will stand on the stage and present people a part of revolution!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Competition

I guess I am little bit behind on my blog...

I participated Koehler & Dramm professional floral designer competition on Jan. 31. The topic was "Vintage Valentine". I had so much fun creating this piece. My idea was creating a hat with a ring hidden in it. I absolutely loved my hat. It led me to another level of competition.

I was very fortune to be one of the six finalists to go on to Koehler & Dramm's Floral Designer of the Year Competition 2010 at Minneapolis Convention Center on Feb. 26. It was my first time to compete with other 5 talented floral designers ON STAGE. It was a quite adventure.

We received a surprised package on the stage. There were only 30 minutes to design this piece, including 5 minutes to read the instructions.

Here are some photos of the finalists' design work.


First place: Karen

Second place: Kim

Third place: Diane



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Downtown Double-Tree Hotel visit

It was wonderful to meet Donae Cotton, the Executive Meeting Manager & also donae cotton photographer at Downtown Double-Tree Hotel. It was a wonderful meeting. Listening to Donae's passion about photography and her Reliy, it was such a joy.

If you want a night to get away, the Downtown Double-Tree Hotel has all suites, very nice location and enviornment.

If you want photos taken, contact Donae as well!

donae cotton photography | creative photojournalism | 651.436.3331

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cake Decorations

I have been working with Queen of Cakes on their demo cakes in their design studio. It has been a great experience to work with them. If you have a chance, stop by their shop (7104 Amundson Ave. Edina, MN 55439). Enjoy their wonderful cakes and Little Fish Designs' flowers. Contact Carol for the floral designs; contact Terri for the cake designs!