Sunday, April 12, 2009

Decorate the Governor's mansion 2008!

Well, it's a little bit late to post but better I would still like to mention this privilege.

It was a great opportunity and definitely honor to be one of the chosen talented floral designer to decorate the Governor's mansion.

The team is selected by Ardith Beveridge (the most creative and kindest teacher/AIFD), met at Koehler and Dramm for a short meeting early Saturday morning and then "marched" to the Mansion. I was so excited and nervous at the same time by walking through the doors.

We were greeted by wonderful staff and boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. After a brief explaination, we started our exciting projects! I picked the sun room. There were 5 ceiling-to-floor windows and also all around the room. Tables, fireplace, lights, doorways, whatever you can think of... we decorated it ALL!

Before decoration:

Carra, one of the designers, was working together with me. We talked through our design ideas then started climbing up and down on the ladder. With many beaded garlands, branches, window treatments, ornanments... our hands didn't have time to stop. As the sun shined to my eyes, it also brought the decoration shiner and brighter. It was georgeous.

After decorated:

I had such a great time and met so many wonderful designers. The time just flew by. We wrapped up around 2 pm. It was so much fun. We got a little bit time left to go around and enjoyed other designers' beautiful work. Thank you Ardith for giving us such a wonderful and fun experience! Don’t hesitate to ask me to help again in the future!